AUDEXEN 50W 6ohm Load Resistors - 4PCS

  • Brands AUDEXEN
  • Product Code: RESISTOR20
  • Availability: 100

Located in US: you can choose to ship from either US warehouse or China warehouse; Located in other countries: Only ship from China warehouse.
  • Prevent turn signal / led bulb / led license plate lights from fast blinking, hyper flashing, error code, malfunction or trigger warning message on dashboard. Solution for OBC error message / bulb out signal after installing SMD LED light bulb.
  • 【NOTICE!!】Keep resistors away from plastic parts. Load resistors will heat up like light bulbs and get super HOT during working and cause melting plastic parts nearby, so need to mount them on metal surface by screws (not included) and away from any wires or plastic. Do not touch it when the LED light is on.
  • You can connect the wires with the quick wire clip provided (quick but maybe not solid). Or you may cut the wires and connect them more solidly. Mostly each resistor for each turn signal bulb or license plate light bulb.
  • 【NOTICE AGAIN】Resistors get very hot during working, keep resistors away from wires and plastic parts. (Please do not order this load resistor if you mind this situation.)
  • 【FOR AUDEXEN'S CUSTOMER】If you are encountered following problem: "Not compatible with your vehicle" "Wrong size" "Missing part" "Defective item" Everything you are not satisfied with our 50W 6ohm Load Resistors " JUST FIND ORDERS DETAILS AND CONTACT SELLER, WE CAN FIX IT!

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